The Inadequates
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The Inadequates as they are now formed in May '02.

The band consists of

Ian Perkin - Guitar & lead vocals

Michael Barrow - Bass

Colin Jones - Drums

Ian has been playin the guitar since he was 7, he's busked on the streets to the annoyance of the inhabitants of local areas, and was once the member of a mod/indie band.

Mikes been playing bass since Ian became homeless, an had to sleep on his floor, they became mates and played punk songs together. Prior to this Mike was in a band with Col, which was somethin that never actually left the practise room (Mikes house)

When they formed in May, it started with another drummer, who left after 2 practises, and to carry of practising, Colin moved from 2nd guitar to learn drums.

The Inadequates, being heavily influenced by the Ramones have a similar style, 1-2-3-4, simplistic guitar riffs and drum beats.

Most of the songs are written by the whole of the band, music and lyrics.

Beween the band, there is an obsession for films, 80s sci-fi, 50s rock n roll, The Beach Boys, Converse, beer, Ramones cover bands (Huntingtons, Beatnik Termites, The Queers, Screeching Weasel), offensive lyrics (Macc lads and Peter & The test tube babies style), lazyness, and a no sympathy for anything attitude.

What the Inadequates are trying to do is to promote their style of music, in Liverpool and Britain, its often described as pop punk, but then that makes these bands sound like their big influences are the MTV/Kerrang style pop punk, as you see from the influences above it's not like that. If this style was big in Liverpool we'd have more of the bands we enjoy adding the city to their tour dates, an hopefully encourage more British bands to do what were doing.  This needs an update, but, just come see us live, give us cheap things, say were crap, tell ian to stop scratching his nose, ask us why we cant keep in time.....

mike on strings

ian perkin (perky) - lead singer and guitarist

it was spawned on the first day of the sith month, 1979, it is always wearing caps an putting little sticks in in its mouth. He has been playing the guitar since he was 7, about the same age he started putting little sticks into his mouth, playing the guitar for that l;ong youd think he'd be better. He was once the member of a cover band (L35), covering songs such as teenage kicks an twist an shout. hen it aquired a taste for punk , it became a member of the inadequates


ian carl (perky)

Guitarist, lead singer

spawned on


other bands

L35 and busking

muiscal influences

ramones, clash, vandals, queers, anythin that sounds fuckin good


drinkin, fuckin an laughin

favorite movies

american psycho, goodfellas, snow white an the 7 dwarves

favorite drink

carling black label

woman he'd most like to shag

that bird in the pink top over there

natalie umbulical chord

mikes mummy ex bird ugly but what a fine shag

michael james patrick barrow - bassist and piss artist

it came screaming into the earth on 1/6/81 its always moaning skitting, fighting, getting drunk and labeling people with nasty nicknames, being lazy, eating and annoying people with his nasty dog 'Ben'.


spawned on


other bands

playing in a band in his bedroom with adam schofield an col

muiscal influences

mostly rock n roll, but anything from buddy holly to pantera


moaning, eating, internet addiction

favorite movies

braveheart, clockwork orange, romper stomper, I.D.

favorite drink

Cains (support the keep cains in liverpool campaign) , worthingtons, and tetleys

woman he'd most like to shag

, most barmaids when beer goggles are applied, ....col recommends a girl without a big nose ...ahem

colin jones

errr, im makin mine different cos i want to an i CAN. I was born 20 years ago in a place not far from here. Ive been playin drums since i started in the band, may 2002?...oh those important dates.

My musical influences vary, but mostly im listening to ramones core...yes fucking ramones core, dont ask, and rock n roll

mmm, i could list my fave bands n stuff, but that would be boring, ill just list songs i think you should go download right now

Ramones - dont go, Daryls - up in the attic, Queers -teenage bonehead,  Riverdales - i dont wanna go to the party tonight, Huntingtons - 80's girl, Apers -shut up,  Cretins -12 hours, 3.5 inch floppy -fashion victim, Macc Lads -all day drinkin, Pinhead Gunpowder - i am a stranger, Cockney Rejects - i'm forever blowing bubbles, Twisted Sister - i wanna rock, Liam Stratton -the fart song, ian perkins.....oh i mean Darlington -sugar fix

an to be like the others ive gotta say my fave drinks an films.., :s , cheap lager, Newcy Brown in the Krazy House (cheap), Metz in the Holt (cheap), Cains (cos i get made to), Ouzo (cos mike cant).....mmm, films, back to the future, full metal jacket, flight of the navigator, clockwork orange, stand by me, IT, Christine, needful things,

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