The Inadequates as we know it started writing songs together around June 2002. We play simple punk/pop punk/rock n roll influenced music.

The three of us kind of grew up through our teens together, so a gig to us, is just 3 friends goin out gettin drunk having a laugh, an at the same time would like to have more of the kind of bands we like come n play liverpool, why should we have to travel out side the so-called music capital/european capital of culture to see bands?

In just over a year weve played with some amazing bands, The UK Subs, Noizebleed, The Centerfolds, State Terror, The Misfits,Dreadfools, The Unhealthy, Blue Demon, Protocol, CherryBombs, Coffin Kids, The Cox, 0898, All Rights Rejected, Lonely Kings, Sick 56...I dunno how many ive missed out but anyway, then weve been lucky enough to support bands that influenced us to do what we do, The Apers, The Zatopeks, Groovie Ghoulies, Panic, n well. Marky Ramone (when drumming for the Misfits).

when im in the mood ill add onto this